Affiliate Marketing with Shopify


Affiliate Marketing with Shopify

In today’s market, Shopify is considered to be one of the largest and most popular platforms regarding e-commerce. The enterprise-level firms and SMBs are encouraged to use this platform because of the versatility it provides. Shopify enables to set up as well as manage online shops for the purpose of selling products and services. Shopify comprises of a robust app store with more than 2500 apps for a large variety of e-commerce businesses. In order to start affiliate marketing with Shopify, there is an app that enables affiliate marketing. Shopify offers,


Affiliate Marketing with Shopify


Introductory Course

Affiliate marketing Fundamentals is the online course offered by Shopify which serves as a key tool to understand Affiliate marketing with Shopify. This online course elaborates the different ways of promoting Shopify in order to earn a higher commission. Also, this includes strategies regarding social media and content marketing.


Development Store

Being a Shopify Partner, it allows creating a huge variety of development stores. A free Shopify account is referred to as a development store with a few limitations. The development store serves as a tool to create relevant content for the audience.


Affiliate Marketing Blog Posts

Shopify’s affiliate marketing blog posts enable to learn the basics regarding affiliate marketing. It helps to understand the existing opportunities in affiliate marketing. Also teaches about the ways for business growth by means of affiliate marketing.

There is a variety of ways to keep in touch with the audience in order to encourage them to visit Shopify. A few ways are listed below,


Affiliate Marketing with Shopify


Create an email list

Email services enable to create an email list for the purpose of encouraging as well as educating the audience.

Split test landing pages

Split testing the landing pages actually guides regarding increasing referrals.

Provide educational resources

Everyone wants to be successful, in order to engage more audience to provide them some tools to get success on Shopify. In order to encourage more referrals, it is essential to offer bonuses and resources to the audience. This serves as a way of providing tools to turn into a successful entrepreneur. There are some ideas that work as a tool to success such as a store audit, a video chat for consultation session, and some educational material.

Shopify is one of the solid e-commerce platforms in the market. The affiliate program of Shopify along with the provided affiliate managers is truly a great experience to work with.



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