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    Real Estate Marketing

    Real Estate Marketing   Real Estate Marketing actually deals with promoting real estate brand as marketing is a key element in order to gain attention from potential clients. Most of the buyers purchase their property through a real estate agent. For this, a real estate agent needs to know different ideas regarding real estate marketing. […] More

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    Real Estate Hedge Funds

      Real Estate Hedge Funds are supposed to make huge investments in real estate and the process varies by means of managerial investment strategy. Mostly real estate hedge funds make the investment in the publicly traded stock of existing companies regarding real estate. The most well-known among all the companies is REITs(Real Estate Investment Trusts) […] More

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    Real Estate Entrepreneur

      A real estate entrepreneur is a person who invests in real estate. This investment can be either active or passive investment. He opts for real estate because of the tax benefits, leverage, cash flow, capital appreciation, and depreciation. Also, he is self-motivated, ambitious, and risk tolerant. The best thing about a real estate entrepreneur […] More

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    Real Estate Affiliate Programs

    Real Estate Affiliate Programs Real Estate Affiliate Programs have proved to be quite helpful for people in search of information regarding real estate. People these days have turned into tech-savvy home buyers who go through a detailed insight online before buying any property. There is a huge variety of real estate affiliate programs which are […] More

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    Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

    Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms   Real estate is one of the ways of building lasting wealth however; it is quite difficult to buy a property regarding investment. There is another way of investment where some crowdfunding platforms support in making private real estate deals. The platforms not only provide rental property but also serve in […] More

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    How We Started in Real Estate

    How it all started! During a previous post (which got deleted because the website crashed) I promised to tell you exactly how I got my first real estate property. I was researching about passive income and starting trading stocks. Then I came across the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. In the book […] More

  • The business of Real Estate

    The business of Real Estate

    The business of Real Estate The business of Real Estate is one of the most money making businesses in the world. One can start this business either as an estate agent or an investor. This business requires smart marketing, best valuation methods, and the latest technology in order to become a real estate professional. There […] More