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A long long time ago the only companies that could use amazing incentives to boost sales were the big companies. That time has come and gone with technology and improvements in other areas. Now even the smaller stores can offer amazing incentives to their customers if they purchase. I want to highlight a new partner we came across and how it can benefit your business. Possibly even double your sales with simple vacation incentives. I am talking about a company called Advertising Boost. I will explain everything to you about their company and how it works. Then you can decide if they are a good match for your company!

The Basics

Advertising Boost is partnered with dozens of resorts and major hotel chains across the world. When these hotels have open rooms they lose money. What Advertising Boost does is fill these vacant rooms through this incentive giveaways. This is good news for us because we get to use this for our sales. Imagine you are selling something pricey. A lot of your customers are very close to buying but do not. If you throw in a vacation with the purchase, this should convert more sales for you! You have to sign up for a membership to join the incentive program. The price is 49$/month with no other costs or fees. Right now they have a 14 day free trial so you can see the value this membership can provide for you. If you are not happy with it, simply let know and you will not be charged. Use their banners and see if it can improve your sales. No sale is too big or too small. I would use these banners in my Facebook ads to drive more customers to my online stores. Especially if you are an affiliate marketer and your affiliates ALLOW you to use incentives.

The Bonuses to Members

If you sign up for advertising boost you get the following goodies:

  • Pre-Built video advertisements for your website and social media marketing
  • Pre-Built sales funnels and landing pages
  • Access to Ultimate Facebook Secrets – The secret to cracking the code of Facebook Marketing. Proven system with over $27 million spent on ads and generated 3.9 million Facebook fans and over $200 million dollars in sales!
  • Access to private Facebook group where you can interact and brainstorm with over 11,000 other people who are exploding their sales with Advertising Boost!

Check our their promotional video here. And remember! There is a 14 day free trial!

How it Works

This is how it works. You offer these incentives to your customer. It can either be a giveaway for the month for example or to every time someone purchases. It is up to you. Let’s say we have a month giveaway. Anyone who purchases and leaves their e-mail can be entered to win(this also expands your e-mail list allowing you to use e-mail marketing to re-target your audience). After the month you choose a winner and send them an e-mail. Depending on where they are from they can choose certain vacation packages.

  • 3 night hotel stays in Orlando or Vegas!
  • 5 night beachfront hotel stays in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta!
  • 7 night hotel stays in Thailand or Bali!

After finding out those details you send them a voucher which is good for 7 days. If they are going to claim the voucher then they will have to pay certain taxes and fees on their end. Be sure to let them know this ahead of time. The only thing covered for this vacation is the hotel stay. They must pay for the flight, food and other amenities when they arrive. Once again only their hotel stay is included. This is how the entire process works. The hotels can offer the free stays to our partner Advertising Boost, who then offers it to you. And the hotel makes money off the food and drinks and other amenities the customer uses.

What’s in it For You

You get to use this as an advertising and buying incentive. People go crazy when they can win something for free. They may purchase something just to get a chance. Even if what they purchases is small you should still be making a profit. As long as your profits exceed the $49/month cost of the membership. In my opinion this is an easy choice, Advertising Boost can boost your business tremendously with these incentives. The cost to you is only $49/month. You can easily make back the membership cost using the program. I myself am going to use it. It is just to good not to use it.

Real estate agents! Throw in a free trip if someone purchases a house with you!

Are you an Affiliate Marketer?

If you are an affiliate marketer you can sign up for their program here. This also is a no brainer because this is an easy push. Every wins with this program. The customer wins because they get a free vacation stay. You win because you get more sales. The hotels win because they fill unused rooms and Advertising Boost wins because of the monthly fees collected. You can push this through your affiliate marketing system just like this post. Explain everything in detail and let your clients decide! Advertising Boost is an amazing membership!


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