How to Start an Online Business


Well first things first, you need to have an idea of what you want to do for your online business. There are hundreds of different ideas out there for you to choose. Affiliate marketing, E-commerce stores, E-business and much more. I am going to take you through starting an online T-shirt E-commerce store from start to finish.

Think of a good name for your online store.

We are going to use the name Bubbly T’s as our business. Sometimes you may want to incorporate your business and sometimes you do not. Just for this example we will incorporate. Head over to and incorporate your business. Call it whatever you want and we will use Bubbly T’s LLC now.

Every business needs a logo.

For all of my logo’s and much more I go to Fiverr and have them make it. Fiverr will be your best friend when you are starting a business!

Next thing is to get web hosting.

A lot of newcomers do not think web hosting matters. If you run your store on an e-commerce you most likely will not have to do this. Web hosting can affect your SEO, search engine optimization, it can also effect how fast your website loads, and the overall experience the customer has while on your site. Do not be cheap with your web hosting if you want your customers to have a great experience. There are a number of web hosting companies that deal specifically with e-commerce stores.

Liquid Web

Interserver Web Hosting

For WordPress and WooCommerce you could use:

WPX Hosting


There are few rules I would follow when getting web hosting. Choose one that gives you a free domain and some off free SSL certificates. SSL is the security certificate for your site. Since you are taking information from buyers you have to have one. For more information on SSL certificates and upgraded forms check out the SSL store.

Now we need a website.

When starting an E-commerce business there are a few options that you can do. You can create a website on an E-commerce platform like WooCommerce, you could have someone at Fiverr create one for you, or you could create your own. There are hundreds of website builders are on the web, the best one that I love is Strikingly. Strikingly already has e-commerce built into there websites. You can design one in under an hour and have it ready that day!

There are also some add-ons that could use to enhance your website. Thrive themes has some amazing e-commerce themes for your site if you choose to go that route. They focus their themes around conversions. Helping your website convert more shoppers into buyers! Whenever you make a website you need a really good “cart” experience. Having a bad cart setup will have people leaving their cart full and not buying. 3dcart has one of the best in the business. They also have themes and a ton of other useful things for e-commerce stores.

Now to add the T-shirts to the store.

Once your website is all set up now it is time to add the t-shirts. Once again their are options. There are companies like AliDropShip (Alibaba’s dropshipping branch) and that can place products on your site and arrange the fulfillment.

But let’s assume you are very articulate and can create your own designs to make your website unique. You can use a Printful to design your own T-shirts, place them on your website and when a customer buys everything is handled on the back end by Printful. No inventory, no running out of a certain style. Just easy passive income coming from your website.

Now that you have your website you are done right?

Not even close. Passive income only becomes passive after the work has been done up front. After your website is completely made you need to optimize it some. There are a few musts. For example you website has to have previews of the items. Meaning they can click on them to enlarge. You website should have reviews. Keep the main page of your site clean and to the point. Make sure your descriptions are correct and there are call to action buttons. Even little things (like in the picture above) matter. Use A/B testing to discover what works better for your customers. Once your site is fully optimized now we move on to marketing.

Done! Optimized! Now I sit back and collect money right?

Not quite. Right now you have a very beautiful, well optimized website among over 4.5 billion. How are people going to find your specific one? You have to market your brand! Get your name out there so people can find you! One way to do this is social media. Marketing on is an entirely different post, you can check out how to AUTOMATE your website marketing here! This should you market your brand and send emails to your lists when you have a sale. Yes, there are ways to optimize your sales too! Check out this info graphic.

When you have sales and this goes for your cart as well, you always want to display the bigger number when saying someone saved something. Below $100 it is usually a percentage and above $100 it usually the dollar amount off. This can increase your conversion rates! Every little bit counts! You can also make advertisements about the sales that you are having. Wideo has an amazing video creator for ads! Create a small ad displaying your most popular designs and let them know how much they are off!

Remember guys, this is just another way you could be making passive income! Check out our blog post on how passive income can change your life!

Also check out our Top 20 SEO strategies you can use to help your website rank higher on Google!


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