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We are starting something new! I wanted to spotlight certain partners we believe can help our readers out. We are constantly working on our site to optimize it and make it better for everyone who uses it. You can see we added a Passive Income Tool section to the website. Today we will highlight a new partner and let you know all about their services. Not just a small description, but an in depth analysis at how certain partners can help you create passive income!

Thrive Themes

Do not let the name mislead you. Thrive themes does a lot more than just themes. But let’s check out what they are doing with their theme building coming up!


That looks absolutely amazing and I can only imagine how easily you could create amazing blogs or website for customers with it. That seems like easy money to me if you are a website designer.

Apart from the new theme builder they have coming out, right now they have hundreds of amazing themes that you could use for your WordPress Website. Their themes are also easily customizable and every single theme they create is conversion driven. This means the theme literally tries to sell the content for you!


Thrive Leads

One of the most important aspects of your online passive income business is lead generation. You have read it in many other blog posts of mine the importance of e-mail lists. You can completely automate your business if you have e-mail lists and lead generators. Thrive leads is a must have passive income tool. You can create lead generation forms, opt in forms which you choose the posts and pages. You can A/B test opt ins to see which ones generate more signups and you can show different forms to new visitors vs subscribers.

As you can see in the picture above they quite a few options of how and where to place your opt in forms. Try out different formats and see which ones work best for you!

Did I mention you get everything in this blog post for $19/month?

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a page and landing page builder. Again like the video above everything is drag and drop. It really could not be any simpler. Turn your boring blog into a money making machine with a few clicks. If people are not impressed with your blog, there are chances they will not even read your content. Imagine clicking over to a blog and reading white letters of a black background. Not only would that hurt your eyes but it would make you not want to stay on that site. With Thrive Architect you can design your pages and landing pages to be warm and welcoming.

The best part is you could have them done in 30 minutes with the up front VISUAL changes that you see. They have over 200 fill-in templates you can use. No searching through the coding to try and find where things are. Not closing one bracket and half your website don’t work. Just drag and drop and design on the fly!


Thrive Optimize and Headline Optimizer

Thrive Optimize is another plugin inside of Thrive Architect. This plug-in lets you A/B test all of your pages from within your WordPress dashboard. I have gone over A/B testing in another post and the importance that little changes can have on your website You should A/B test anything you can and see what the best results are to truly and COMPLETELY optimize your website.

Change a button here, change the position of your opt in, these things matter. With Thrive Optimize you save a ton of money from having other people A/B test for you, or buying some high priced software to help you with it. Considering this comes with the Architect package, you are getting an amazing deal!

With the Thrive Headline optimizer you can improve your content marketing by testing different blog headlines against each other. It will also A/B test your headlines and let you know which ones are performing better!

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is another amazing tool in this package. You can create targeted quiz’s to keep your customers engaged, increase traffic through social media sharing and increase subscribers through targeted opt ins. You get easy to read reports and each quiz is fully customizable through the drag and drop editor.

Quiz’s are a very under rated marketing tool. You find out insights you may have not been able to otherwise. This can help you target certain area’s in your Facebook or Google ads. Target people that have the same interests as your buyers because they are more likely to make a purchase from you!

Thrive Ultimatum

This passive income tool cannot be underestimated. Even internet professionals can swear by its use. Thrive Ultimatum is a scarcity tool. It lets your customers know there is a limited time that they can purchase and then the sale will be over. Ultimatum adds dynamic countdown timers to your website where you choose. This creates a sense of urgency and taps into that impulse buying mechanism we all have.

You can offer flash sales and to new or existing customers. Receive spikes in sales simply because you add a clock on the buy page. Offer freebies but only if the customer acts before the countdown is over. The possibilities are endless or at least until they run out of time! Once again these countdown clocks are complete customizable!

Thrive Ovation

Ovation is a testimonial plugin that collects and post testimonials all over your website. Get awesome, detailed testimonials and everything is automated. Ovation is a testimonial management system. It puts your testimonials in key areas  and on landing pages. Anywhere you choose to place the testimonials, they will look beautiful and integrate perfectly with your website.

I cannot stress enough the importance of testimonials. Testimonials make your website/business look legit. Have people say nice things about your business is one of the most helpful things when it comes to conversations and organic traffic. Take Yelp! for example. If you have a very high rating on Yelp! your business is going to great! This is because of testimonials!

Thrive Comments

Thrive comments has gathered all of the most addictive aspects of social media and integrated them into there comments plugin. When people post on Facebook and receive a like they get a shot of dopamine and it makes them feel good. If they post on Reddit they can get a trophy next to their name. If they answer questions on Quora they could get rated the best answer. All of these little rewards create an addiction. But most of all they create super engaging comments and actions.

Turn your websites most overlooked area into an engaged community of commenters and users earning rewards. Visitors can see others “Like” their comments. You can also earn achievements and unlock badges for being an active contributor. Receive validation through up-votes and featured comments and have a chance for their comment to be shared through your social media.

Thrive Clever Widgets

Clever Widgets is an amazing marketing tool that can be specifically targeted to certain users. This Widget is better explained in the video below!

As an affiliate marketer this Widget would do amazing things. Imagine someone reading an SEO blog post and then you conveniently have your ads displayed on the right side of the blog post. This is a game changer for affiliate marketers.

Can you believe you get all this for just $19/month?


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