Passive Income With AliDropship


Passive Income With AliDropship

What is the AliDropship plugin?


AliDropship, which was designed to help drop ship store owners, is a plugin developed by Yaros is used to shape and manage their inventory and orders efficiently, with marginal work.


Two types of AliDropship Plugin

The plugin has two versions, AliDropship Original Plugin & AliDropship Woo Plugin, both of them are integrated with the WordPress CMS. The AliDropship Woo plugin is explicitly aimed to only be integrated with Woo-commerce WordPress themes.


Passive Income With AliDropship
Passive Income With AliDropship


AliDropship Plugin Dashboard features:

There are numerous advantages & features to using a plugin such as AliDropship to update your drop shipping activities, these include:


Import feature

For quick and simple creation of a store , all products featured on AliExpress can be imported with a click of a button. This results in you not having to spend time thoroughly replicating information and images several times,to make your life easier, the plugin automatically imports all aspects of an AliExpress product page.The list that you have imported can be modified and edited, giving you the chance to change title, photos , descriptions etc. for personalization.


Passive Income With AliDropship
Passive Income With AliDropship


Automated Price Mark-up

One of the biggest reasons why most drop shipping stores fail, and it happens more often than not, it is because they simply don’t make a profit, why? this can be because of several reasons, but one of them being that they start to make a loss on products when they’re not responsive enough from the market to realise their supplier has changed the cost of selling them. You need to be able to react instantly to prevent loss of profit with increased costs on your end. Your costs change in relation, your supplier’s costs change since the AliDropship plugin allows you to set a pricing markup via a %. The plugin, according to your permission, will check your supplier’s costs daily.


Currency Conversions

The AliDropship plugin also give you the option to show different prices in accordance with the user’s different IP locations, why is this useful? Let’s say you wanted to take benefit of psychological trick to encourage your visitors to buy a product with the value $__.99, i.e. not rounding up to the nearest dollar. Well if this price was plainly converted for a UK local the sum would convert to be around £6.24, which does not coincide with principle of taking advantage of this psychological trick.


Shipping Options

This plugin also allows you to set shipping options on a product by product basis. This is important since each product would cost different amounts to send, not only due to size and weight, but also due to the destination. Therefore, having a plugin with this feature is crucial to secure your cost-effectiveness.


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