Real Estate Affiliate Programs


Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Real Estate Affiliate Programs have proved to be quite helpful for people in search of information regarding real estate. People these days have turned into tech-savvy home buyers who go through a detailed insight online before buying any property. There is a huge variety of real estate affiliate programs which are a source of high commissions making these programs more tempting. Following are some of the well-known affiliate programs,

This program basically serves the people to buy properties in Canada with a monthly membership to help them find their desired deals regarding homes.  The membership allows access to the details, address, images and much more along with free tutorials for further guidance. This program is operated under the supervision of Clickbank. There is a 75% of recurring commissions for affiliates.


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Bold Leads

Bold Leads was the initiative of Christine who was a real estate agent. She decided to expand her database and for that purpose, she began with providing leads for realtors. This company has been growing since its inception. This program offers $20 for a single lead. The earning potential is unlimited so one can generate a lot of money through this program.


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This program claims that they are real property managers. Buildium offers its clients the best solutions regarding property management. This program offers Women in Technology and BuildU scholarships. There is a 25% of recurring commissions on the basis of monthly subscription. Earning is offered in two ways, by making sales or by lead generation.


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Featured Rentals

When in search of thousands of apartments, condos, and rental homes, Features Rentals is the best option to go for. Their huge database serves best to the landlords as well as the tenants. The features involved provide ease in searching location, zip codes, and address. There is a commission of $10 on each sale for an affiliate. The offered memberships enable online searching along with detailed listings, daily updates, and access to a huge variety of property listings. It is quite easy to make sales with the 90-day cookie duration.


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Route 121

Route 121 serves people in finding their dream homes as well as apartments in the lowest rates. They basically aim to make this procedure of finding properties as easy as possible. There is a commission of $5 for a single lead. The minimum commission is of $2 on Apartment Finding lead form.


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These are the few discussed real estate affiliate program. There are several programs with massive information on their websites. A detailed insight through these programs can be very beneficial in finding different types of properties.


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