SEO is the process of increasing the online visibility of a website within search engines. When a site is optimized, its online presence is expanded across the internet. This means that the amount of traffic to your site will increase, generating more leads.

When using the right keywords and phrases, you’ll achieve your spot on Google’s first page of results. This is how SEO works. You optimize your site to cater to your audience and the search engine’s algorithm to rank higher than your competitors.

Whether you have a small or big company, you will greatly benefit from SEO marketing. Without SEO, you risk losing your profitable customers because your site is not visible, showing up in front of them. Boosting your online presence means more people out there know you and your brand.


Clean up unwanted pages:-


If your online store has many product pages which must be out-of-stock from a very long time. If you know that they’ll never be in-stock again then better to remove these pages from your sitemap as well as listing pages. Don’t delete these pages as it may cause page error. You can either redirect the URL to other similar page or put them into a no-index tag. The point is; we don’t want Google crawlers to crawl these unnecessary pages avoiding other significant pages.




Unique Title and Meta Tags for all pages:-  

Now, you already have tons of pages and you can’t manually write Title and Meta tags for each and every page. So the solution is to use static and dynamic text combination to set unique Title and Meta Tags for all product pages. For example, you have ‘Nike Sports Shoes’ and ‘Nike Casual Shoes’ as products. Like ‘Nivea Body Cream’ and ‘Nivea Lotion’.




Category pages should have an individual home page:-


If you have divided your products into categories like Gadgets, Fashion, etc. Then, have separate home pages for Gadgets, Fashion & Lifestyle, etc. Do not mix products from different categories on one page as if will affect your UX. If you find it difficult to optimize your e-commerce store, let the experts handle them and hire a professional for providing this service.



Use Canonical Tags:-       

Many of the websites on internet have pages which have similar content. For example: If you have a product which comes in Red, Blue and Pink colors then there is a probability that you may have three different pages which have similar content with just a slight difference of color. Thus, you need to tell Google that these pages may look similar but belongs to different products. Using rel Canonical tag will help you to manage your duplicate content.




Optimize for Google’s Mobile-First Index:-

In 2018, Google has decided to look at your website’s mobile version first, to decide your rank, and then check desktop version for your site. As more and more people are preferring mobiles, the majority of your traffic will be from mobile devices. Thus, you need to have a website which works smoothly on mobiles. Make your online store responsive and mobile-friendly.

Optimize Images of Products you are selling:-

Every product page on your online store has many images of the product you are selling, right? Make sure every image you use must have an ‘alt’ text. If any image is broken, care to remove or replace it. Also, avoid using many heavy images which may increase your website’s load time. Maintain the same image size on all product pages.


Prioritize URLs in Sitemap.xml:-


Since your website has too many pages, you need to prioritize the URLs or pages that you want to get indexed first. Adding up all the pages in the sitemap will never give you wanted results as crawlers may crawl many low priority pages instead of pages that you actually want to rank high for. Be wise while choosing the pages that you want to add in sitemap.


Optimize Home Page:-

Make sure that your home page has links to your product pages as well as category pages. Do not do excessive inter-linking by adding too many links on home page. Make it simple and attractive. Use attractive banners and sliders to flaunt your products, offers and discounts. Add ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ page in the footer of your home page. Use an ever-present search box so that your buyers can easily search for products they are looking for. Optimize your search box to make your products easily accessible.


Use catchy Meta Descriptions for Home Page:-

Try to include words like ‘Free Shipping’, ‘COD’, ‘Huge Discounts’, ‘Cash back’ in your Home Page Meta Description. Remember; do not mislead your customers by using words like ‘Cash back’ if you are not providing Cash backs. Be true to your buyers as trust matters while shopping. Try to include long-tail keywords into your Meta Tags.

Add Product Description and Reviews:-

You must have proper product description for all products that you are selling. The description should include everything a buyer looks for before buying a product. Adding expert reviews as well as user reviews for products can be beneficial too. Let your users rate the product that they bought from your website. This builds a trust for your website. Also, if the reviews are bad then you know what changes are to be done. To improve UX of your online store, take user feedback as well.


Use Google Adwords:-

AdWords is a paid advertising product that is offered by Google. If you’ve ever seen ads pop up on your screen when you’re searching the internet you’ve seen AdWords at work.

AdWords are simply paid advertisements. Companies pay for these ads so that potential consumers will see them while searching on Google. These ads only have to be paid when someone clicks on the Ad, which makes them really cost-effective. They’re also super easy to launch, and they can dramatically increase traffic to your website. More traffic = more relevance = a higher ranking on Google


Social signals are life of SEO:-

Focusing on creating content that is share-worthy to gain attraction on social media platforms and to get more social signals like this will also help you to drive web traffic to your main site and lend it an extra authority. You need to remain active on all the social media platforms as well as industry forums with your comments and blogs so that you will be able to distribute your content even more and increase the SEO momentum.


Fixing Technical SEO Issues:-


One of the most important part of SEO is to run a crawler on your website like Screaming Frog or Xenu Link Sleuth that crawls the entire site and gives us a detailed analysis of the website technical standings. Each tool has its own way of crawling and presenting the data.





The main things to inspect at that time is:



  • 404 pages
  • Word count per page (gives you an overall idea of how thin or thick the content is)
  • Titles
  • Redirects
  • URLs Structure
  • Images
  • H1, H2 …etc tags per page
  • Missing META tags
  • Duplicate content pages (so I can use canonical tags to fix if absolutely necessary or no-index these pages)
  • Site speed, etc.


Keyword Difficulty Levels:-


There are several tools in the market that will use their own internal proprietary algorithm and method for determining how difficult a keyword is to rank on top based on a variety of factors, including competitive levels. Some of the famous difficulty checking tools are listed below:

  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • UberSuggests
  • Google keyword revealer Duplicate Content:-

The main issue with ecommerce stores or tech or medical blogs is duplicate pages (content). This came into being when 2 or more pages have the same or very similar content. This is often the cause of ecommerce SEO penalties like Panda and is one of the biggest negative SEO signals a site can have, so I like to take care of duplicate content first. There are many tools to find duplicate content on your site though Screaming Frog is great at finding duplicate content it is user friendly too and can easily be available also.


If we discuss more pro and smart tool to find duplicate content on your site than no doubt Siteliner will take few minutes to analyze your whole site and give you a set of results. Even though the tool analyzes you up to 250 URLs for free, it still gives a simple panoramic view of the internal links of your store


Voice Search:-

Apple has Siri, Android has Google Now and Microsoft as Cortana. All of these have bring the importance and opportunity of voice search into the next level. It has opened up a new way of searching and from here on clients will search with longer keywords which changes the SEO optimization strategy slightly.

In conclusion, it is not enough to only use some basic SEO strategies to rank higher in this fast-changing market. Make sure you consult some SEO experts in the field to understand more and adopt all the new strategies and apply in your website


Serp listing optimization:-

Competition for clicks is fierce on the SERP. As when Google is viewed in landscape mode on mobile devices you will only notice the top two results above the fold in SERPs on Google. Google also shows maps or answers to queries directly below the first results. You need to optimize your SERP listings with rich snippets or cards to give it a competitive edge and attracting users to click. As with any website, people need to find your website on the mobile local search. Having local mobile SEO in place makes sure that your clients find you. Use those keywords that normally are too competitive to rank for in your local SEO. It may not rank high on the first page but will rank high in the Google map results.




CSS, W3C, & RSS Directories Submission:-

Web design site can submit their website to CSS and W3C website directories which may drive traffic towards their website. They can also submit their website to RSS feed directories which again, will help them attain more traffic and better SEO too. We should consider our website account structure to improve performance and reduce expenditure. Thus submitting our site to these lists of top pages will be consider as top Off Page SEO techniques.



Reliable Website Hosting Service:-

The standard of your web hosting service can have a major impact on your website’s performance. If your web hosting package includes frequent website downtimes, slow servers and poor security, the performance of your website will remain poor even if you apply the best optimization techniques. Always keep in mind that If your site is hosted on a spam/blacklisted server, even the highest quality of content and the best SEO strategy won’t take you anywhere.




So our dear valued visitors these are some of the best SEO case studies that actually worked in real life. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us so we can bring more detailed guides, tips and tricks for you in more enthusiastic manner. Want to get some idea about real-time SEO? Than stay tuned to our BLOG!

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