How to buy and sell blogs and websites for passive profits


How to buy and sell blogs and websites for passive profits


The terms buying and selling regarding blogs and websites sounds quite interesting but It really requires a person to be determined with his goals. There are mostly two types of online buyers, financial buyer and strategic buyer. The financial buyer appears to be interested in income whereas strategic buyer appears to be interested in increasing their worth. A financial buyer is someone who profits himself through his buying and selling. It is always recommended to become a financial buyer first and after getting a solid portfolio switch to a strategic buyer. Following are some tactics regarding buying and selling blogs and websites:



How to Buy Websites or Blogs

  • Generate money with the personal site

It is actually helpful in buying a website or blog because in this way one will be much aware regarding making money through a personal website or blog. Having a personal site enables one to understand the monetization of a site.

  • Find dormant sites

Try to find blogs that have huge delay regarding posting. Once done with it then contact the owner to tell him your interest in buying his site. A website like Flippa also helps in such buying and selling.

  • Research the Site

It is very important to research the site before buying it. One must know the stats and history of a particular site. One can even ask the blogger to show the income and traffic in order to get fully satisfied.

  • Make a contract

Make sure to have a contract in order to have everything in the record. Also, it is much better to have an attorney to look over the deal. There are some technical aspects in this sort of buying and selling so it is helpful to have someone.


How to buy and sell blogs and websites for passive profits
How to buy and sell blogs and websites for passive profits


How to Sell a Website or Blog


  • Build Your Site’s Value

It is very important to know the value of your site. The simple way regarding is to ask your fellows about the worth of your blog or else you can multiply monthly income by 12. In case there is no monthly income then demonstrate the value to the buyer by simply informing about the traffic, social media accounts and other features.

  • Advertise Your Site

One needs to advertise his site or blog in order to make a sale. Try to contact trusted fellow bloggers so that one can find a buyer within his network.

  • Negotiate thoroughly before closing the deal

It is very important to maintain the level of trust with the buyer. The seller must be helpful throughout the discussion. Buyer’s satisfaction is the most important thing which needs to be understood by the seller. Finalize the deal by writing every detail in the contract. Also, it is better to hire someone so that the transaction goes smoothly.


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