Zencash passive income



Most of the people have a misconception Zen Cash that it is not that profitable investment. But it is nothing like that. There are several instances that can be used as to counter the seemingly traditional and narrow contradictions. And that is the topic today upon which I’d like to speak my mind.


If you are unfamiliar with the project, ZenCash is one of the many applications available on the ZenSystem (ZenSys) which is a private platform for money (ZenCash), media (ZenPub) and messages (ZenChat).

The ZenSys platform is well protected by zk-snark cryptography (as in ZCash) which allows its users to selectively monitor and control their privacy and hide metadata, account/transaction balances and identities from other miners and from other nodes.


Zencash passive income


Similarities with Telegram:

The Security algorithms and mechanisms are quite similar to Telegram, communication between nodes is peer-to-peer encrypted to further escalate the strength of the network and guarantee total privacy for users while allowing ZenSys to be compliant with general privacy laws such as the GDPR.



ZenSys also claims to be the most decentralized node architecture there is that can be used. Their number has been growing fast and Nodes on the ZenSys are called Secure Nodes. The Zensys network currently surpasses Bitcoin in node count which for a project which was inaugurated  only about a year ago, is truly extraordinary.


Then, in April 2018 the Zen team released a new whitepaper which explores the future of the platform and present a brand new incentive scheme for node operators.


Zencash passive income


II- Generating an Income Stream with ZenCash:

ZenSys will allow you to generate passive income by strengthening two things,name : Secure Node (A) or a Super Node (B)


A: Secure Nodes:

Under the ordinary structure ,by staking 42 ZenCash coins as deposit into a Swing or Ledger Wallet anybody could set up a secure node on the network as well as other requirement usual of node operation such as keeping a copy of the blockchain and guarantee a minimum daily uptime. Apt secure nodes would then get rewarded 3.5% of the total mining reward divided between the total number of nodes in the network.

B: Super Nodes:

The team has also introduced the Super Nodes which can be established up by staking 500 Zen coins in a wallet but also have advanced computational and uptime necessities than secure nodes. The quantity of those nodes should cap around from 2 to 5,000 units and these nodes will also share 10% of the mining reward.

Super Nodes will allow ZenSys to graduate to a full-fledged platform equipped with side chains which will make it possible to run applications such as :

  1. a distributed storage system (ZenPub)
  2. a distributed computation for rent (ZenGrid)
  3. zero-delays transactions (InstantZen)
  4. a decentralized exchange (ZenXchange) with a fully collateralize price stable asset called ZenUSD


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